Training Seminars give your organization the tools to make optimal workplace wellness an achievable reality. Learn scientifically-validated techniques that were once known only to researchers. Whether by increased happiness, mindful awareness, or optimal motivation, Training Seminars empower your organization to use the best available techniques to make your workplace psychologically healthy and improve your bottom line.


How to Boost Happiness -- the Scientific Way

Learn to use these swift, scientifically-tested strategies to give your employees a happiness boost. By channeling universal virtues such as kindness, gratitude, and optimism into practical, measurable workplace practices, your organization will reap the benefits of making happiness an integral part of your corporate culture. Research shows that using these techniques leads to highly desirable workplace outcomes such as increased employee engagement, improved job satisfaction, less turnover, and lower health insurance costs.

Being Mindful Right Here, Right Now

To many people, meditation brings to mind images of monks and spiritual gurus. Truthfully, anyone can meditate and this seminar will prove it. Through mindfulness meditation, your employees will be trained to focus on the present moment through breathing exercises and careful observation of their sensory experiences. Research on mindfulness shows that mindfulness training leads to dozens of workplace advantages, including greater productivity, mental clarity, and improved employee morale.

Optimal Motivation Through Authentic Communication

Motivation is one of the most common problems in the workplace. You can dangle a carrot in front of an employee through incentives or pressure, but this will unlock just a fraction of the potential of your workforce. Using decades of psychological theory and clinical practice, this seminar will train your managers and employees to use authentic communication, which leads to self-initiated job performance, increased engagement, and greater trust in your organization.