Dr. Della Porta's articles featured on The Huffington Post

4 Ways to Instantly Feel Better About Your Life

Four gratitude exercises to put things in perspective.


Daily Affirmations for People Who Hate Daily Affirmations

How to systematically change your negative thinking.


Workplace Improvements: How To Make Your Space More Enjoyable

Five components of a psychologically healthy workplace and how to implement them.


Happiness And Money: Why You Should Be Suspicious Of Material Pleasure

How to spot clumsy marketing strategies trying to sell you happiness.


Slow Down a Racing Mind

Most people suffer because of their racing minds. Learn this simple meditation technique that gives instant relief to relentless thinking.


Surviving Holiday Imperfections: Planning For The Worst Case Scenario Could Make For Your Best Holiday Ever

What would happen if you didn't accomplish every item on your holiday to-do list? This articles offers a unique strategy for managing holiday stress: embrace the worst-case scenario.


How To Beat Negative Thoughts

How to combat repetitive negative thoughts using techniques from rational emotive behavior therapy.


Forgiveness In The New Year: How To Make 2012 The Year You Let Go And Move Forward

Forgiving others can be one of the most challenging things we ever do. However, research shows that there are notable psychological benefits when we learn to forgive.


How To Stop Taking Things So Personally

Do you find it difficult to not take things personally? This article discusses the benefits of lettings things go and offers practical steps toward making this happen.


How To Experience The Great Outdoors -- Without Leaving the City

You may know that feeling connected to nature is closely related to feeling happy. However, research shows that you don't even have to be outside to experience a boost in well-being. This article reviews the latest research on this topic and offers some quick and easy tips for making your workspace feel more like the great outdoors.


Why You're Going To Be Happier Than You Think

We often predict whether a big move or a new promotion will make us less happy. However, research shows that these predictions are sometimes not very accurate. This article discusses the science behind our happiness predictions.