. . . Matt is extremely smart, motivated, and hard-working, and I have really enjoyed working with him. When it comes to research, he is a deep thinker and careful, systematic writer. He is also an outstanding teacher, speaker, and communicator of ideas. I have seen him give numerous talks and presentations, and these are crisp, creative, well-organized, and interesting. He is very comfortable and articulate in front of an audience and his oral skills are finely honed. Furthermore, although it may sound like a cliché, Matt is truly concerned about the understanding, progress, and well-being of his audience (or his students), is able to develop excellent rapport with them, and goes beyond the call of duty to assist in their learning and growth. He has given very well-received presentations to multiple audiences nationally (and now internationally) and is quickly gaining respect and admiration. I would also be remiss if I didn’t add that Matt is very well-liked. He is a genuinely nice person who is mature, helpful, warm, and always professional. I predict that he will be a great success in the not so distant future!
— Dr. Sonja Lyubomirksy, author of The How of Happiness
I am pleased to recommend Dr. Matt Della Porta for talks and consultations on positive organizational development and boosting worker engagement . . . Matt has a unique ability to present his ideas and inspire others without pretense, needless jargon, or putting on airs. His science is rock-solid, but rather than boring you with the details, Dr. Della Porta shows you how and why the latest scientific findings about positive organizations, happiness, worker morale, and productivity can help each individual, each work group, and each organization. This is cutting-edge work, full of valuable take-home messages and advice.
— Dr. Howard Friedman, author of The Longevity Project
. . . Matt has demonstrated an ability to solve complex problems and use analytical thinking to come up with creative solutions in a variety of organizational contexts. His experience with measurement, assessment, statistical analysis, and longitudinal intervention techniques make him an ideal candidate for recommending and implementing organizational changes across multiple domains, from leadership development to improving employee engagement and productivity.

I know Matt to be a conscientious and highly motivated individual who is well-respected and admired by his peers. Whether working alone or in a collaborative relationship, he has proven to be very effective in ensuring the on-time completion of a number of independent projects, which often required the management of several subordinates.

Matt’s expertise in well-being research has made him a highly sought-after presenter to organizations wishing to adapt their corporate cultures to rapidly-changing business practices. In addition to a number of speaking engagements, Matt has demonstrated excellent communication skills by writing over thirty online articles summarizing research to laypersons, nine of which have been featured in the Huffington Post.

Matt has the rare ability to synthesize the technical research findings of academic scholars and express them in a way that is useful to the needs of growing organizations. His unique skill set and gregarious personality would make him an excellent asset to any organization.
— Dr. Tom Sy, Management Consultant
It seldom happens that one has an opportunity to meet and work with a person that is so clearly credible, competent, and also exudes charisma. I was fortunate to meet such a person in Matt. I would recommend Matt without any reservation as a consultant, as a teacher, as a confident, and as a friend. I hope for myself that our association continues for a very long time.
— Dr. Jerry Wagner, Director of Employee Wellbeing Institute
I worked with Matt as part of the California Psychological Association where he was deeply involved in the Psychologically Healthy Workplace award. Matt made several site visits to candidates for the award where he conducted focus group interviews and was the primary author of summary evaluation reports for three organizations. I was impressed by his professionalism, his insights into organizational functioning and his clear, to-the-point writing style. In addition, he either wrote or co-authored two feedback reports that provided feedback to the candidate organizations on their strengths and weaknesses. The materials he produced were direct yet constructive in tone and should prove very useful to the organizations as they continue their development. I found him to be a congenial colleague and am delighted to recommend him to organizations that want to become more effective and psychologically healthy.
— Dr. Judith Blanton, Management Consultant
I am so pleased having Matthew as a regular columnist and advisor for YouBeauty.com. His writing and choice of topics are insightful, timely and uplifting. He is able to take an abstract concept like happiness and turn it into understandable, actionable columns. Our readers love his columns for the hopeful, positive message he delivers without any self-help nonsense.
— Courtney Dunlop, Executive Editor at YouBeauty.com