Each day, new research provides insights into optimal ways to improve productivity, engagement, and organizational health. Request a talk to give your organization concise, practical, and effective ways to make these insights a part of your corporate culture.


Example Talks: 

Employee Happiness

Recent research has established a strong link between employee wellness and a variety of organizational benefits including productivity, job satisfaction, positive workplace behaviors, and improved communication. Organizations wishing to capitalize on this must choose programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being while enhancing organizational performance. To this end, several workplace wellness techniques (e.g., mindfulness, expressing gratitude, performing acts of kindness for others) will be presented, with an emphasis on which ones have strong empirical support and how they can be best incorporated into workplace settings. In addition, communication techniques that give employees a sense of choice, volition, and personal endorsement toward workplace tasks will be discussed. 

Being Mindful in the Workplace

We spend much of our waking lives on "auto-pilot," unaware of what is happening in the present moment. We also tend to be immersed in non-stop thinking, fixated on what has already occurred or what may happen in the future. However, through mindful awareness, we can distance ourselves from our thoughts and perceive the present moment just as it is. Discover the advantages your organization will gain by training your employees to be fully immersed in the here and now. 

Humor is Serious Business

We all know that humor is a great way to break workplace tension and to increase employee morale. However, research suggests that humor is an invaluable tool that unleashes the potential of your employees and creates optimal organizational health. By reviewing the scientifically-supported importance of laughter and smiling, your organization will learn how to promote humor in the workplace not just as an occasional stress-reliever, but as a tool for doing serious business.


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