There is no one-size-fits-all approach to improving workplace wellness. That's why our consultation service begins with a comprehensive well-being assessment of your organization, followed by an automated, web-based polling of your employees for their best ideas. Finally, we assist your organization in implementing changes to your workplace that will have long-lasting benefits for your employees and your bottom line. 


Well-Being Assessment

This is not another employee satisfaction survey. Using our WBAssessment© tool, we gather employee input to identify existing areas in need of attention to improve employee well-being. In the “old days” people would have referred to this as an employee satisfaction or engagement survey. We use the framework of a survey but the contents are very different. Our content is based upon the new sciences of well-being, Happiness, and Positive Psychology. We have a total of 12 assessment categories with 4-5 items in each category.

Our web-based software is interactive in real time to visually suggest where employees believe improvements are needed to improve their well-being in their workplace. The instant visual analyses of results are unlike any other employee feedback software. You will like the “wow” factor.  Everything is transparent and every employee can see all results at any time after they submit their own input.

WBAssessment© is also a benchmarking tool to determine if employee well-being is improving over time.  With one click, management can see and compare results between years.



Well-Being Ideas

After completing the assessment, the next step is to start with our WBIdeas© process. This web-based software is for employees to identify, evaluate, and suggest solutions to improve their wellbeing. The process starts with one simple question:

"What ideas do you have to improve your wellbeing in your workplace?"

Employees categorize and prioritize the ideas while suggesting ways to implement the best ones. Everything is transparent to everyone. Nothing is anonymous. Employees are comfortable enough to voice their opinions and managers show mutual respect by listening and coordinating efforts to implement changes.  




In our experience, it is relatively easy for employees to come up with fun and exciting ideas for improving workplace wellness. Making these ideas a pivotal part of your corporate culture is a bit more challenging. That's where we come in. After learning the ins and outs of your workplace, we will determine a customized action plan that will revitalize your employees and set your organization on a new and unprecedented path. Join the ranks of the world's most progressive and successful organizations as you focus on workplace wellness to improve your bottom line.